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What is TCS?

TCS (Tax collected at source) Returns are statement in form No. 27EQ which is to be filed at the end of each quarter.


TAN holders are liable to file particulars of each collection & their payment to govt. during each quarter.

Due dates of filing Form No. 27EQ is as follows:-

Quarter                                    PeriodDue                                                                    Date

1st                                            1st April to 30th June                                                  15th July

2nd                                          1st July to 30th September                                         15th Oct

3rd                                           1st October to 31st December                                  15th Jan

4th                                           1st January to 31st March                                           15th May

If there is any delay in filing of Form No. 27EQ then a fee of Rs.200/-shall be payable for each day of default.

Certificate 27D to be furnished by the person responsible for filing TCS return and collecting tax at source.

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